2015-10-08: for megatypers smart-captcha,you can use mouse to click the image. Click here download .
I'm sorry,weiweicaptcha will not updata for qlinkgroup again.if you can Unpack http://static.qlinkgroup.com/files/op/qlink_client.zip qlink.exe,send it to me please.I'll updata again.

 yangguang   not case sensitive and very fast ,if you work hard,you can get more than 10$ very day.
(1) Click here regist task.weiweicaptcha.com.com
(2)Login task.weiweicaptcha.com and open http://task.weiweicaptcha.com/items_dm.asp?id=220 request yanggguangtask id.
(3)Add the id in the software to work.
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For yangguang task,if you don't know the captcha,press Esc please.
Night shift Time:

India time: 20:30~5:30
Pakistan time: 20:00~5:00
Bangladesh time: 21:00~6:00
Vietnam time: 22:00~7:00
yangguang task Night time
more than
50000 points will get 0.5$ Bonus
more than 100000 points will get 1.2$ Bonus
more than 1
50000 points will get 2.1$ Bonus

for yangguang facai dazhong if get image slowly,you can press Page_up key.

If yangguang show can't Connect the server ,you can try use free Vpn:
Choose  Korea Republic  server to Connect.
If you don't know how to do use teamview send email to

Lm việc, kiếm được $ 300 trong thng

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task  If you get image slowly, Press Page up key please .Don't Click  Stop .

Yahoo Messenger:
jrpwr@yahoo.com   QQ:151714664  Email:15171644@qq.com
If show Log in False Try after GMT 15:00 ,you can get dazhong id to task.
Don't use yangguang id work for facai dazhong.

2015-9-28: new
kolotibablo software .Click here