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2014-11-05 is the best server now. pay every day ,and get image very quickly.most image only need input 4 character. Click here to see the detailed for and download new software for earnanytime.
2014-10-25 fix can't get image.
Click here ,Regist clixsense id,you can Get PAID To :Visit Websites,Complete Tasks,Refer Others, Take Suveys,Complete Offers.
2014-10-8  earnanytime can Register use
perfect money payment  method. you can check SPace=Enter,use Space to Instead Enter,you work will faster!
2014-9-29 fix,fix earnanytime show  blance error .2014-9-28 add
2014-9-21 add,
for kolotibablo change to SPEED mode and for captcha2cash  will faster than old software.

2014-9-14 fix
2014-8-28 fix megatypers High speed mode.

2014-8-27 Notice: for if softare
show the server is busy and it stop working. you can set it in option , the problem will fix soon.
update for megatypers.fix boost packs,and for High Speed, can set get 2 images in the same time.If you don't need this,in option,you can set image=1
20131105,Megatypers (protypers) add Webmoney payment type,IF you want use webmoney get payment,you can use new email to singup new ids.

20131005:add (beta).
if megatypers(protypers) get image is slow,you can click option ,check 'high speed' mode.
20130910: Updata for and megatypers,for  megatypers can use same payment id to signup Multiple ids.
NOTICE:  for new workers,why my megatypers id be baneed,what can I to do?click here:
20130902.for megatyeprs will faster than old software
, high speed mode can set it  in option.
20130827: add
If  pixprofit show login false,Download:
Click here signup payza. click here signup perfectmoney .
Want signup Multiple megatypers(protypers) accounts,click here
20130613:add megatypers(protypers) Payza payment  method
20130601: add megatypers(protypers) perfect money payment  method.
20130530: If you want use Western Union to Signup new megatypers(protypers).

2012-05-12 add
2012-04-08 for,show
countdown for qlinkgroup and protypers(megatypers).
2013-03-30,fix can't show kolotibablo data .
some skilled worker download software from, but Their accounts be banned too, so the software can't Guarantee your QG id don't be banned.
2013-03-25:for & KoloTeam.Com.
2013-03-20:for qlinkgroup
2013-03-05:In China and Vietnam,pixprofit must use 20130305. must use 20130304 integrated
2013-02-22 updata for,But fasttypers site show If you type from software, that image will not count in your account. I think the software will not always valid.
20130217 updata for
2012-12-26 Updata for

2012-12-22 Updata for megatypers (protypers) faster mode.
2012-11-30 Updata for Qlinkgroup and fasttypers.
2012-11-07 if or ID Contain Uppercase and lowercase characters need use captcha1107
2012-11-4 updata for and
2012-10-28 for captchatypersˇ˘
2012-10-23: add
2012-9-26 updata for fasttypers goodearner.
2012-8-9 add fasttypers and goodearner (Beta)
2012-7-26 updata for qlinkgroup
2012-7-20 updata for megatypers and protypers
2012-6-13 updata for pixprofit again,pixprofit must use 0613
0612:updata for pixprofit Questions and Answersˇ˘check cat and dog.
0526:fix  signup captchatrader ids
0518 updata for pixtyper,pixandprofit
0513 pixprofit updata
0512:pixprofit change code,don't use soft for pixprofit.
2011.05.11 fix kolotibablo and koloteam'ids can use in kolotibablo
2012.05.08 fix sometimes show GDI+ error
2012.05.07  Fix kolotibablo
2012.04.28 Fix Qlinkgroup soft a bug.
2012.04.16 if can't get image,maybe you have an unvalidated email address. please receive  the validation email.
2012.04.15 qlinkgroup can set socket or http; rule updata.
0329:fix some pixprofit id get same image.
Protypers (megatypers) payment method need change to PayPal immediately, and the paypal id must same as your Protypers (megatypers) id. If you have Multiple accounts or want signup Multiple accounts, you can Login paypal,click :My Account----Profile----Add or Edit Email, add new email to paypal,a paypal can add 8 emails.When you confirm the new email, you can Login Protypers (megatypers) ,and change the payment to PayPal.